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The “Niepodległa” program brings together various initiatives organized on the occasion of the centenary anniversary of regaining independence by the Polish state. An inspiration for a common celebration came from values ​​that have particular importance for the Polish people: liberty, respect for human dignity and human rights and also solidarity.

The celebrations are coordinated by The Office of the “Niepodległa” Program. The Office carries out its tasks in line with tenets of the Multi-annual Governmental Program “Niepodległa” for the years 2017-2022, which main purpose is to strengthen the bonds of the civic community.

The Program envisages actions in three areas (a.k.a priorities). First of those are the projects for which national cultural institutions, subordinates to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, will be responsible for. Furthermore, in the second half of 2017 the Office of the “Niepodległa” will launch two grants programs, namely “Koalicja dla Niepodległej” (supporting the organization of events led by civil initiatives) and “Niepodległa” (addressed to local government institutions and to non – governmental organizations). Foreign events and celebrations (the third priority) will be the assumed responsibility of the Adam’s Mickiewicz Institute.

Contacts of The Office of the “Niepodległa” Program

ul. Mazowiecka 9, 00-052 Warszawa
Phone (landline): +48 22 182 26 00

Kamil Wnuk
Phone (mobile): +48 797 143 508



Ministry of Culture and National Heritage        

The Ministry is responsible for the implementation of projects commemorating the centennial of Poland regaining independence, carried out by national cultural institutions

Adam Mickiewicz Institute (IAM)        

The institution is responsible for the international program of the commemorating the centennial of Poland regaining independence. IAM is also implementing a grant program targeted at bilateral initiatives.