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We encourage you to use the “Niepodległa” logo!

The Centenary of Regaining Independence of the Republic of Poland is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ opportunity to jointly experience life and enjoy it in an Independent State. In Poland and abroad, cultural, artistic, educational and publishing projects devoted to the Jubilee of Regaining Independence will be carried out. Our desire is to support those activities and merge them under the “Niepodległa” Program banner, which in itself is aimed at strengthening the bonds of the civic community.

Therefore, coordinators of the events that corresponds with the framework of the Program, are kindly invited to use the “Niepodległa” logo. Please note that, while using the logotype of the Program, individual projects will be recognized and identified with nationwide celebrations of the Centenary of Regaining Independence of the Republic of Poland.

Remember that the submitted projects will be verified for their compliance with the rules and guidelines of the “Niepodległa” Program. Moreover, the use of the “Niepodległa” Program logo requires the signing of a biding contract that must correspond with the Programs outline. Alternatively, some beneficiaries can simply fill out the application form and awaits approval of the logo usage. The events, for which the organizers were granted permissions to use the logo of the “Niepodległa” Program, must be labeled with the mentioned logo.

Correct use of the Program’s logo will be the liability of the Organizers of:

  1. projects that were submitted using the above application form and those that eventually obtained an official approval of Program’s logo usage;
  2. foreign Projects coordinated by Adam Mickiewicz Institute (IAM);
  3. foreign Projects funded under the Grants Program, coordinated by the IAM;
  4. project financed under the “Koalicje dla Niepodległej” Subsidy Program (aimed to support grassroots activities);
  5. projects financed under the “Niepodległa” Grants Program (aimed to support local-government cultural institutions and non-government organizations);
  6. voivods (governors) own projects;
  7. projects arranged by the institutions subordinated and supervised by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage;
  8. projects arranged by other governmental departments that are within the frameworks of the “Niepodległa” Program.

We kindly encourage you to read the following files and documents as it will help you to make proper usage of the Program’s logo.

Disclaimer: Proposed graphic design in which the logo of the Program is to be used should be sent to email address in order to consult its substantive correctness.