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Web portal „Polonika” has just been launched

On 12th of June the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage launched a new web portal. It presents the works that originated outside the Republic of Poland, but still bears the mark of the Polish cultural heritage. These are the works created by the Polish artists, dealing with the topics corresponding with our country or funded by the Polish patrons.

The internet database, covering the works created up to the year 2000, consists of four hundred entries in the field of sculpture, painting and urban planning, originating from over 50 countries. Polonika is an “open media”, which means that new entries are being added constantly, and those that already present are being enriched with further information or documentation. Each user can also supplement and update entries through the contact form.

On the website one can browse through specific sections (i.e painting), search for specific objects, search for works of an artist implemented to the database, or search for all entries from the specified country or city. In addition, all items are marked on a map, and for the inquisitive ones, an extensive bibliography is prepared which allows them to broaden their knowledge.

The web portal is intended to help researchers, diplomatic services, Polish Diaspora and tourists, who are looking for those special Polish accents in various parts of the world. The portal was launched before the summer holidays started, so that Polish people could find out if their holiday destination has any links with Poland. If during their vacation tourists find an object that should be included in Polonika resources, they can simply add it to the web portal entries.