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The Government has enacted the Multi-annual Program „Niepodległa”

On May 24th 2017, the Government of Poland has enacted the Multi-annual Program “Niepodległa”. The Program was established with the sole purpose of bringing together various initiatives that are being orchestrated to commemorate the Centenary Anniversary of Poland Regaining Independence. The commemorations are coordinated by The Office of the “Niepodległa” Program.

The Program envisages actions in three areas (a.k.a priorities).

First of those are the projects for which national cultural institutions, subordinates to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, will be responsible for. Among those projects one will find exhibitions (i.e “Stanisław Wyspiański – the Catalog” to be displayed at the National Museum in Krakow, “The Signs of Freedom. About enduring the Polish National Identity. Years 1918-1989 “at the Royal Castle in Warsaw or “100 years of Polish Avant-Garde”at the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź), concerts (including six symphonic concerts “Niepodległa- Powstało w wolnej Polsce”, performed by the Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra), and movies (including educational series themed “History in moving pictures – Independent Poland”, produced by the Documentary and Feature Film Studio or the “Modernists Republic” series by the Polish Film Institute). Furthermore, a production of educational games series, murals creations, The National Singing Action (formulated along the lines of National Reading Action) and many other projects are planned.

The second priority is the responsibility of The Office of the “Niepodległa” Program. During the second half of 2017, the Office of the “Niepodległa” will launch grants programs, namely “Koalicje dla Niepodległej” (supporting the organization of events organized by civil initiatives) and “Niepodległa” (addressed to local government institutions and to non-governmental organizations). Information about the launch of the Call for Proposals and the rules for awarding grants will soon be available at the website

Foreign events and celebrations (the third priority) will be the assumed responsibility of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (IAM). These will include projects representing the achievements of Polish cultural heritage of the last century, presented in the perspective of Polish millennial history. The tasks carried out by the IAM were implemented into seven thematic pathways: “Ignacy Jan Paderewski. Icon of Independence”,”Polish Community Abroad”,”Polish Women”,”The Independent Poland Generation”,”Avant-garde”,”The Working Class”,”Spirituality of the Independence”.

The inspiration for a common celebration came from values ​​that have particular importance for the Polish people: liberty, respect for human dignity and human rights and also, solidarity. They are the liaison of all activities, implemented in each of the three priorities of the “Niepodległa” Program.